DIY – Manitoba Mosaic Kit



Paint your own Manitoba Mosaic.  This kit include everything you need to create your own.

included in the kit:

  • instructions
  • 2 paint brushes – 1 foam and 1 bristle brush
  • 6 coloured paint
  • 1 Manitoba wooden mosaic with 20 pieces
  • frame, backer, and all adhesive to attach pieces.
  • bonus pieces – “home” and “heart”

framed sign size: 7 inches wide x 9 inches tall


See instructions:


Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to being creative and making the most unique Manitoba Mosaic sign!

  1. Slide all pieces off the backboard. Don’t worry if they fall out of their place.  They all have a home you’ll be able to puzzle back together!
  2. Paint background first. Light coast, multiple times is best. Use foam brush for covering more space. Be creative with this.  Paint ombre (light to dark) or dark edges and light centre, draw Manitoba symbols.  Think outside the box!  Also, always overlooked – leave as plain wood!  Remember you are not limited to the materials provided in this kit!  Go nuts!
  3. While background is drying, paint each piece however you choose. Each piece can also be done straight painted, multi colour – find sparkles and add to it!  This is yours to make uniquely yours!
  4. Paint frame – if you have a sharpie they also colour this kit nicely. Makes for easily painting the Manitoba frame.
  5. Once background is fully dry, place the Manitoba frame where you would like it. Simply peel off the back to expose the sticky 2 sided tape.  This is very sticky – once you press down you are committed to that location to place lightly until you are satisfied with its location!
  6. Peel each piece for inside your Manitoba, and stick. They all have a fitted place.
  7. Paint outer frame, peel sticky back and line up with edges and press down.
  8. Hang with command strips and admire!

warm tips:

Foam Brush to cover space, bristle brush for details and pieces.
Embellish your sign with bonus pieces “home” and “heart” use both, one, or none!

Additional information

Weight .133 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2.2 cm


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